Self Assembly Sofas For Small Spaces

Do you have a small apartment or room that you need to furnish? Don't settle for low quality pieces. Shop these great self-assembly sofas for small spaces from Swift Furniture! Featuring high quality upholstery, you can go from box to premium sofa in less than 15 minutes. Order now in a range of styles with free shipping!

No matter the size of your living quarters, it’s important to have furniture that is comfy, stylish and durable. At Swift, we cater to every customer’s needs. So even if you currently reside in a small studio apartment, we’ve got the furniture to make your dwelling a home sweet home.


Just because you don’t have a lot of space doesn’t mean you should settle. Which is why Swift small sofas come in a range of colors and materials. Find the fabric of your choice: Bella Velvet, Heather Woolen Blend, Natural Linen and more. Choose a color to suit your surroundings: Chocolate, Pecan, Charcoal, Sand, Grey, Denim and plenty more. Quality and diversity are hallmarks of Swift Furniture!


Swift sofas for small spaces are artfully made one piece at a time by topnotch craftspeople. Our innovative design has superior construction compared to other ready-to-assemble sofas. These couches can be together without any tools required, and once complete, the beauty of the design makes it indistinguishable from conventionally built upholstery! Our assembly connectors are made with heavy-duty nylon and threaded metal connectors for secure connections. These sofas are made to last!


Obviously, it’s important your new sofa is stylish and durable, but perhaps most important is how comfortable it is. At Swift, we’ve got you covered. Our seat cushions are filled with luxurious ultra-cell foam core, and our back cushions are filled with premium virgin conjugated polyester fiber for supreme relaxation. When you need a small sofa for your home, choose Swift for the best in comfort and quality. Shop today!